Say hello to your second inbox 👋

Filbert is a new kind of email service, specifically designed to not be your primary inbox. In fact, you can't even send anything from these addresses. Instead, it's a place where you can receive all the emails that aren't actually from real people, putting you back in control of your inbox.

Newsletters, notifications, receipts, offers, reminders or shipment tracking numbers – Filbert understands it all, and will intelligently pick out only the essential parts of each email, while archiving the rest, and will package all this information neatly into tailored feeds just for you.

Not planning on sticking around for long?

Don't sweat it! While having a user account allows you to create multiple types of inboxes and choosing the name of each email address yourself (as well as being able to fully take advantage of Filbert's intelligence features), you can always create temporary inboxes without logging in.

Simply generate a temporary inbox, set a timer and watch it self-destruct when you're done with it.